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We don't have a website in English yet, but there's a description and a review from one of our recent students from LEAF Foundation in English.
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10 вопросов о старении
Небольшой тест по биологии старения и не только, составленный по материалам одной из школ.
Diagnostics and therapy of aging
October 8-18, 2019, Hotel Harmonia by Dukley, Budva, Montenegro.

School prices will vary:
25 000 ₽ until July 1
30 000 ₽ until September 1
35 000 ₽ until October 1
40 000 ₽ from October 1 to 10
What can you learn in our school?
It is best to just get acquainted with the programs, the schedule of classes of past schools, but here are some examples:
Biology of aging: from theory to practical conclusions
Of course, if these conclusions can be made today and strictly based on the results of research. We will mention it for the first time, but we will not tire of repeating in the future: all the slides in our lecture are supported by references to scientific sources.
Science knows more than 250 substances that prolong the life of laboratory animals in experiments. Some substances, presumably, prolonged the life of people (however, so far only in observational studies). Some of these substances can be safely bought at the pharmacy. Let's understand what these substances are, why they work or can work. And, of course, that does not work, too, will understand.
Diseases of old age
More precisely, age-dependent diseases: what is our highest probability of dying "naturally"? Are there common mechanisms in these diseases? Oncology, cardiovascular problems, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer's disease...
Basic knowledge in biology
Never hurt, so we try to include in the schedule and such lectures. Cell biology (Cytology) and, of course, the basics of genetics (and what can be understood from genetic tests).
Optimal diet
As well as physical activity, daily routine, sleep. All these topics are very fond of giving advice, but these tips are based? We propose to consider the existing evidence base and understand what you can do with your health today.
Genetics and epigenetics of aging
What does modern science know about genes associated with aging and longevity? On how many life expectancy depends on heredity? Can genes be affected today? What do genetic technologies of the future look like?
What else in addition to lectures?
... and attractions, so as usually schools have us exit.
Eating wisely
We talk so much in lectures about the principles of proper nutrition that it would be strange to feed our students something wrong.
Физическая активность
Our team of lecturers has a professional coach. Such luck, Yes. Do not be afraid, everything will be very gentle mode — exactly in this, which is useful for regular loads.
Practical skill
Master classes on cooking dishes from our menu, meditation classes, work with special gadgets.
spring 2017
Longevity school in Montenegro
A short video about how it was
But that's not all
In fact, it's a school of transhumanism. Now explain.
The ideas of transhumanism teach us that man should not be limited in development, should not wait for his descendants to evolve in the distant future. We already have the tools of scientific and technological progress and engineering in our hands, and we are obliged to improve ourselves, the quality and duration of our lives. At least we have to try.

That's why at school we talk so much about the technologies of the future, about what to strive for in the fight against aging.
Our school has many tasks: we talk about what is happening at the forefront of science and what you can do with your health today, but also understand that the best contribution to your own longevity is a contribution to the technologies that are just to appear.

We think it is important to launch scientific projects at the school, projects to promote and Finance science, as well as what is called citizens' science — the science of citizens.

Our school is a tool of cooperation, a way to unite and contribute to the development of technology. We welcome everyone, not just scientists, because contributions can be made in many different ways.
What else are we proud of
We were told to write how our school differs from other similar longevity schools. But how many longevity schools do you know?
Source of information
There is such a thing as a degree of evidence. Research on humans gives us more valuable information than research on animals, publication in a scientific journal is more valuable than publications in the tabloid press, and the result of a meta-analysis of many articles is orders of magnitude more conclusive than the opinion of one, even the most beautiful, specialist. We teach this in schools, we teach to check sources, not to trust the word, including us. Of course, we point out the sources of all the statements that sound in our lectures.
Research within the school
Take tests before and after school, and you will understand whether our diet and school as a whole improved objective health indicators. Take tests before and after any of your experiments: with diets, vitamins, dietary supplements and, especially, with drugs. We tell you what tests to pass, and at school explain why these indicators can be considered a diagnosis of aging. One of our main tasks is to instill a culture of scientific research in students.
Appeal to the authorities-bad manners in the world of rational arguments. Therefore, the item about lecturers is only the third in our list. But we really try to select good people: young (however, not necessarily) scientists, scientific analysts, doctors. We like people who put evidence-based medicine first. We hope you will like our lecturers too.
Our lecturer
Our lecturers The composition of the lecturers of each particular school, see the schedule of classes
Past events
We are conducting the school in different format
Выездные школы
Однодневные семинары
Диагностика и терапия старения
БлижайшАя школа
8–18 октября 2019, отель Harmonia by Dukley, Будва, Черногория.

Цены на школу будут меняться:
25 000 ₽ до 1 июля
30 000 ₽ до 1 августа
35 000 ₽ до 1 октября
40 000 ₽ с 1 по 10 октября